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The boat
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Petro Bevza

"The total designation and classification of human motion and global information flows open new virtual dimensions of human experience, which is not only free from the matter, but from space and time as well. However, what was intended to be information becomes a background noise, and what was intended to be communication, i.e. exchange, degrades into a new form of isolation.";
P. Bevza

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The boat
1999, oil on canvas

Dark blue transition
1998, oil on canvas

1998, oil on canvas


Born in January 1, 1963.
Graduated from Kyiv Art Institute in 1985.
Member of the Association of the Artists of Ukraine since 1990.
Member of the Collective S.a.r.l., Luxembourg since 1996.
Lives and works in Kyiv.

1999 - Early Bevza. Gallery "Irena". Kyiv, Ukraine.
1999 - Bevza. White shadow. Gallery "Karas Studio". Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 - Petro Bevza. Malerei. Gallery "АІКА". Leipzig, Germany.
1998 - Bevza. Malerei. Gallery "Kunstkaufhaus". Leipzig, Germany.
1997 - Bevza. Printemps d'Ukraine. Gallery Robin-Leadouze. Paris, France.
1995 - BEVZA. С'ЕST MOI. Reality of abstraction. National Museum of Arts. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1992 - Painting of Petro Bevza. International Fund "Vidrodzhennya". Kyiv, Ukraine.
1992 - Petro Bevza. Painting. The French Culture Center, Embassy of France in Ukraine. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1991 - Petro Bevza, painting. Palace of Cinema. Kyiv, Ukraine /jointly with O. Pinchuk, sculpture/.


1999 - Heritage. Ukrainian House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1999 - National Art-rating. IV Intarnational Artfestival, Ukrainian House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 - Minimal Art Discount. Gallery Collective S.a.r.l. Luxembourg.
1998 - Art of Ukraine XX century. Ukrainian House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 - Vaisberg, Bevza, Bludov. Gallery "Karas Studio". Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 - Behold Ukraine. Lavra Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 - GANG. Bayerischen Landesvertretung. Bonn, Germany.
1997 - 2nd International Art Festival. Ukrainian House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996 - Bevza, Lebedynets, Lytvynenko. ЕТ CAETERA. Luxembourg, Nice, Geneva, Kyiv, Mannheim.
1996 - Salon international D'ART contemporaine. NICEXPO. Nice, France.
1996 - Du Vague a l'Art. Tutesall, Luxembourg.
1994 - Rencontres Franko-Ukrainienns. Ukrainian House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994 - Synthesis-Slavutich'94. Slavutich Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1993 - L'Art en Ukraine. Musee d'Avgustinian. Toulouze, France.
1993 - Pictorial plastic arts'93. National museum of Arts. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1991 - International Bienalle "Vidrodjenia'91". Pictorial gallery of Lviv.


Grant for the Best art project of the year 1999 from CCA "SOVIART", Ukraine, 1999.
Honorary prize of International ART festival "Zolotyi peretyn", Ukraine, 1997.
Honorary prize of "Salon International D'ART Contemporaine", France, 1996.
Honorary diploma of the city of Kyiv for the best piece of painting art of the year 1994, Ukraine.