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The Bird Laying Golden Eggs
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Oleg Pinchuk
Phone: +380(44)2498663

Oleg was born in a small ancient Ukrainian town. Some critics wold have added "provincial", which would not be too far away from the truth. Pinchuk is from province. But he isn't in the list ashamed of it. We are from childhood by origin, and Pinchuk's particular childhood originated from Drogobych. Its wooden churches, sluggish provincial tenor of life with its petty bourgeois elephants on the chest of drawers remain an invivsible inner beacon for the sculptor. Behind the futuristik forms of his sculptures we can't help seeng his attachment to tradition as well as peculiarities of his upbringing. On the one hand - ethereal trancparence, airiness, on the other - earthly, tactile recognicibility.
Such duality, if not triplicity of
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Oriental beauty
2002, Bronze

The samurai bird
2002, Bronze

Travel for Elephants II
2000, bronze


Oleg Pinchuk was born on June 15, 1960 in Drohobych, Ukraine
1977-1982 - Studied at the art studio of H.Y. Khusida in Kyiv.
1982-1988 - Studied at the Kyiv State Fine Art Institute, Sculpture department
1993-1995 - Studied as post-graduate at the Ecole Superieure d'Art Visuel a Geneve (ESAV), Geneva, Switzerland, "expression tridimensionnelle" (three dimensional expression) course. Instructor - professor Michel Hirchy.
The member of the Artists Union of Ukraine since 1990.
Lives and works in Kyiv (Ukraine) and Geneva (Switzerland).
National art museum of Ukraine (Kyiv);
National Union of artist of Ukraine (Kyiv);
Kyiv museum of russian art;
The Museum of western andoriental arts (Odessa);
Vienna Museum of the history of arts;
Historical-Cultural preserve Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra (Kyiv);
Ministry of culture and art of Ukraine (Kyiv);
Fund of assistance to the development of arts (Kyiv);
International Sorros Fond (Kyiv);
Bavarian Fund Hanns Seidel (Munich);
Charity Fund Culture of Ukraine and the world (Kyiv);
Concern Yurkovitsa (Kyiv);
Bank Aval (Kyiv);
Ukrgazbank (Kyiv);
bank Finance and laans (Kyiv);
A well as private collections in Canada, USA, Great Britain, France, Germany, Switzerland, Japan, Russia, Ukraine.

"1997 - ""Environment and City"" Ukrainian-German exhibition, ""Lavra"" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 - II International Art Festival, Ukrainian House (grand-prix in sculpture). Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 - ""Fish in the chamber"", ""Slavutich"" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 - ""Mystery of Eurasia"", ""Kulturzentrum Brunshausen"" Gallery. Bad Gandersheim, Germany.
1996 - ""Culture and City"" Ukrainian-German exhibition, ""Lavra"" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996 - International Art Festival (1st prime), ""OR"" Gallery, Ukrainian House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996 - ""Kyiv Sculpture"", Central Artists House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - Spring Art Exhibition, Central Artists House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - ""Arttere"" Gallery. Voorthuizen, Holland.
1994 - ""Slavutich"" Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994 - ""SORET-II"" Gallery. Geneva, Switzerland.
1993 - Sculpture Symposium of Toulouse. Toulouse, France.
1992 - Republican Sculpture Exhibition, Podol History Museum. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1991 - ""Ukrainian Art"", Fusion Art Distribution. Pittsburgh, USA.
1991 - ""Contemporary Art of Ukraine"", Gallery 22. Malmo, Sweden.
1991 - ""SovArt"" Exhibition, Central Artists House. Moscow, Russia.
1991 - All-Union small form sculpture exhibition, Central Artists House. Moscow, Russia.
1990 - Exhibition of Contemporary Ukrainian Arts, ""Kopmansgarden"" Gallery. Smygehamn, Sweden.
1990 - Exhibitions of contemporary Ukrainian artist. Finland, Norway.
1990 - ""Autumn Exhibition"", Central Artists House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1990 - International Symposium on sculpture. Dzintar, Latvia.
1990 - II Sculpture Exhibition, Republican planetarium. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1989 - ""Small forms sculpture"" Symposium. Sednev, Ukraine.
1989 - Symposium on sculpture. Pereyaslav Zalesskij, Russia.
1988 - ""Star Way of Mankind"" International Exhibition. Moscow-New York.
1988 - ""Youth of the Country"" Exhibition, Manezh. Moscow, Russia.
1987 - Republican exhibition of visual arts, Central Artists House. Kyiv, Ukraine."