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Festive still life
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Olena Pryduvalova

"My work is painting. I feel quiet and free while painting. I need tranquillity in my studio so that everything is concentrated in my hands and head. My main theme is Kyiv - "portraits" of streets, buildings, arches, corners, caryatids and light and shadow of these themes. My vision comes from colour which shows the maximum intensity of colour and light. Life is full of surprises. Nature exists and it is perfect, it will always fills my soul with joy and wonder. The main thing is to save the ability to be surprised by life. Nature exists already and it is perfect which makes it impossible to reflect it. You can be surprised by nature. Any house, street, tree, face will entice you and you will follow it... then inspiration will come. The outcome of my work should bring the viewer happiness and tranquillity."
O. Pryduvalova

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Still lifes-friezes
2002, paper, gouache

On the balcony
1998, paper, gouache

Monastery down the hill
1998, paper, gouache

Born 11 April 1960 in Kyiv, Ukraine.
1986 - graduated from the Ukrainian Academy of Art.
2002 Ц Gallery "ARTEast". Kyiv, Ukraine.
2001 Ц Gallery "ARTEast". Kyiv, Ukraine.
2000 Ц Gallery "Maystrnia". Kyiv, Ukraine.
2000 Ц Gallery "ARTEast". Kyiv, Ukraine.
1999 Ц Gallery "ARTEast". Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 Ц Gallery "ARTEast". Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 - Bat'kivschina Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1997 - Akvarel' Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - Triptych Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - Slavutych Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - Miller Building Gallery. Edmonton, Canada.
1994 - Triptych Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.

1998 - Dom u Holma. Lavra Municipal Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 - Great Ukrainian Women Artists. Lavra Municipal Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1998 - Obraz Nove Ukrajiny Pohled-2000. Ukrainian Embassy. Prague, Czech Republic.
1996 - Truchaniv Island. Lavra Municipal Gallery. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1996 - Great Ukrainian Women Artists. Ukrainian State Museum. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1995 - Great Ukrainian Women Artists. Ukrainian House. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994 - Graphic World. Russian Art Museum. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994 - Great Ukrainian Women Artists. Brama Centre for Contemporary Art. Kyiv, Ukraine.
1994 - Art of Ukraine. Armenian Centre of Culture. Thessaloniki, Greece.
1994 - Squire, Sanders & Dempsey Art Exhibition, Office of Squire, Sanders & Dempsey. Kyiv, Ukraine.

Great Ukrainian Women Artists 1998. 1st Prize Winner.
Great Ukrainian Women Artists 1996. Honorary Mention.