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Олександр Вутьянов
URL: www.art.kiev.ua
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Водоспад №2
2001, олія, полотно

2001, олія, полотно

Аудиторія №407
2001, олія, полотно

Born 10 October 1965 in Kyiv, Ukraine to a family of an amateur artist and musician. He has three brothers who are artists too. Oldest brother is also a priest, younger brother paints in the churches and decorate Kiev's museums and bars, the youngest brother is a curative pedagogue and occasionally the Honorary Citizen of the City of Dallas, TX.
He started to draw since his early childhood in the studio. He studied at the classes of V. Shevchenko and S.Skorochod. While his military service in Afganistan, he founded the museum of Afgan-Soviet friendship in Kabul and participated in the organization and decoration of the complex "Vatan" (Motherland).
Since 1986 he worked at the chair of restoration in the Ukrainian art academy. During 1990 - 1999 studied at the Ukrainian art academy. He took classes of paintings of N. Kuleby-Barinova and N. Zozulya.
In 1991 he organized an exhibition of the Vutianov's family in Ukrainsky Dim, the best Ukrainian Exhibition center.
In 1993 participated at the Young artist exhibition in the Ukrainian Artists' House.
In 1994 participated at the exhibition-action "Seven's heaven on the first floor" along with G. Rodionov and D.Dobrovolsky. The same year he exhibited his paintings in the gallery "Nautiko Toreviejo" in Spain.
In 1995 participated in the exhibition in Hungary. The same year he exhibited his painting in Dallas, TX, USA.
In 1997 exhibited his paintings in the gallery "Hatl"in Braunschweig, Germany. In 2000 participated at the exhibition of Ukrainian art in Dubai, Arabic Emirate.
Lives and works in Kiev.
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